"Fodera guitars is incredibly honored to have Anthony as part of our roster of players and consider him to be one of the most comprehensive, insightful, and engaging clinicians today. Anthony has the unique ability to take some of the most complex elements of music theory and make it accessible and understandable to any level of musician. In addition, his level of committment and intentionality to his students are second to none." 


Where Will The Bassology at Sea Cruise Take Us? How About Cozumel, Mexico and Key West, Florida!!!

Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel is a beautiful excursion destination for Bassology at Sea voyagers. The crystal clear water surrounding Cozumel makes it a favorite for divers and sun-seekers from around the world. Found on the Yucatan peninsula, it is the largest of Mexico's islands and steeped in history, tracing Mayan descendants from 300 A.D. In town, there is shopping for local crafts and dining in colorful restaurants. 

Key West, FL 

Key West is a subtropical paradise where history, culture, shopping and nightlife make it a perfect excursion for Bassology at Sea. Key West is rapidly becoming an iconic American music town with diverse acts and genres making appearances and calling Key West home. Many well known writers and artists have made this historic enclave home over the years including Hemingway, Tennessee Williams and Robert Frost. Spectacular sunsets and splendid Victorian suroundings make for modern day magic on the southernmost island in the United States.

"Anthony has a diverse and interesting resume, making him very well known to bass players around the world, but he’s also one of the best clinicians we’ve ever known! Because of this, we’ve had him teach more clinics at Aguilar than anyone else. Everyone always leaves feeling educated and inspired, no matter their level of ability." 

Dave Avenius CEO Aguilar Amplification

Enjoy these highlights of Anthony Wellington's Bassology approach to music and bass playing!

"Anthony Wellington has the ability to make complex musical concepts understandable. He is committed to sharing his vast knowledge and seeing bass students learn and grow." 

Gerald Veasley Gerald Veasley's Bass Bootcamp Flying Vee Music Solo Artist Joe Zawinul, Grover Washington Jr., McCoy Tyner and many others 


Cabin and Pricing Options

Bassology at Sea is pleased to offer students several pricing options based on the type of stateroom you choose, whether you will be cruising alone or with a guest or guests, whether your guest or guests will choose to participate in Bassology at Sea group activities, or if you choose to room with another student. 

You may enroll in Bassology at Sea by paying in full. Pricing is based on cruise line availability after August 1, 2018. 

Please contact Bassology at Sea Director Tamatha Bechtel by texting or calling 786-584-2429 or emailing bassologyatsea@gmail.com for pricing and availability.

We will not accept enrollments after October 1, 2018 because students are receiving two Bassology lessons with Anthony before we cruise. The cutoff date for your pre-cruise lessons is October 15. This is to ensure you have time to practice and incorporate the new skills you learn in the lessons before the Bassology at Sea departs.

Bassology at Sea students who choose to room with another student will be responsible for finding their roommate. All students will be added to a private Bassology at Sea Facebook group. Students can network within this group to find a roomate. Bassology at Sea will not assign, determine, or provide feedback on who will room with whom. Shared staterooms have two twin beds.

Bassology at Sea students may bring one or more additional guests who may participate in Bassology at Sea group activities, audit clinics, or enjoy cruise activities.

When we receive your payment, you will receive a welcome email from bassologyatsea@gmail.com and be added to a Bassology at Sea private Facebook group. The welcome email will have attachments that must be returned promptly in order to validate your enrollment in Bassology at Sea and secure your cabin on the cruise. These attachments are a liability waiver and your personal information that Celebrity Cruiseline needs to book your cabin. These documents MUST be received to validate your enrollment.

Important note: Prices include two private bass lessons before the cruise, bass classes during the cruise, cabin, taxes and certain fees. Prices do not include airfare, transfers to/from airport, shore excursions or gratuities.

As of August 1, 2018, prices are based on cruise ship availability. 

Please contact Bassology at Sea Cruise Director Tamatha Bechtel at 786-584-2429 or bassologyatsea@gmail.com for information.

Ocean View Stateroom 

Each ocean view stateroom on board Celebrity includes world-class amenities that all contribute to your modern luxury experience, including signature friendly, personalized service, custom blended bath products, interactive Samsung flat-screen television, twice daily service (makeup and turndown), Celebrity eXhale™ bedding, private safe, 24-hour room service, private mini-bar, complimentary tote bag.

Ocean View Stateroom Options:

Ocean View Stateroom Bassology at Sea Student rooming with another student (double occupancy)

Ocean View Stateroom Bassology at Sea Student (single occupancy)

Ocean View Stateroom Bassology at Sea Student plus 1 guest (double occupancy)  

Ocean View Stateroom Bassology at Sea Student, more than 1 guest Prices vary based on total number of guests. 

Please submit request for pricing to bassologyatsea@gmail.com. 

Interior Stateroom 

Each interior stateroom on board Celebrity includes world-class amenities that all contribute to your modern luxury experience, including signature friendly, personalized service, custom blended bath products, interactive Samsung flat-screen television, twice daily service (makeup and turndown), Celebrity eXhale™ bedding, private safe, 24-hour room service, private mini-bar, complimentary tote bag.

After August 1, 2018, prices vary based on cruiseline availability.

Interior Stateroom Bassology at Sea Student rooming with another student (double occupancy)  

Interior Stateroom Bassology at Sea Student (single occupancy)

Interior Stateroom Bassology at Sea Student plus 1 guest (double occupancy)

Interior Stateroom Bassology at Sea Student, more than 1 guest Prices vary based on total number of guests. Please submit request for pricing to bassologyatsea@gmail.com.

Deluxe Ocean Stateroom

Pricing varies based on availability at time of booking, location on ship, Celebrity Cruise Line cruising history, discounts for military, police and firefighters, and occupancy. Please contact bassologyatsea@gmail.com to request pricing. 

Please submit request for pricing to bassologyatsea@gmail.com.

Celebrity Infinity

This brilliant star of the millenium class shines even brighter since her grand makeover in 2015. The Penthouse and Royal Suites have glimmering new marble, fixtures, seating and more. Our first rooftop terrace gives you a chic new way to experience the great outdoors, with creative cocktails, favorite snacks, movies al fresco. If you hunger for an Italian steakhouse, we now give you the fresh pastas and dry-aged steaks of Tuscan Grille. As always, relax in Infinity's spa-inspired AquaClass staterooms, with access to the "clean cuisine" of Blu. Enjoy an extraordinary dinner at the innovative Qsine, then top it off with a beverage of your choice. Celebrity Infinity always makes the most of your vacation.

"I don't know if I have ever encountered a bass educator as complete and comprehensive as Anthony Wellington. He has something to offer for any level of player, and his commitment to excellence is second to none."

Adam Nitti AdamNittiMusicEducation.com Adjunct faculty Belmont University School of Music and Atlanta Institute of Music Staff Instructor for Victor Wooten's "Wooten Woods" and Gerald Veasley's "Bass Boot Camp" Appeared on 3 Grammy Award Winning Albums Solo Artist 

Anthony answers Bassology at Sea Questions

Is Bassology at Sea only for current Bassology students?

No. Bassology at Sea is open to all bass players from any level whether they study with me or not. And really, on a higher level, it’s even open to non-bass players because I will be covering just as much theory as I will bass, and music theory is non-instrument specific. 

What topics will be covered during Bassology at Sea?

We will cover bass specific topics and music theory. We will talk about the origins of the bass, the role of the bass, how the bass guitar works and what affects bass sound, for example. We will cover beginner, intermediate and advanced music theory and how it applies to the electric bass guitar.

What does my playing level need to be for Bassology at Sea?

I will make sure that I cover what we need to cover in a way that will benefit people who are just learning how to play the bass guitar and people who have been playing a long time. I’m not so much concerned about the level of their playing ability as I am about discipline, because my curriculum is very disciplined. So an advanced player who is not disciplined will have a hard time with the curriculum but a beginner player who is serious and disciplined will have an easier time. Bassology at Sea is not based on level-- it is based on seriousness and discipline.

How will Bassology at Sea benefit my playing?

A person’s playing will always benefit from their knowledge base. Great playing is not about access to notes. It’s about access to knowledge.  

When you buy a Fender electric bass guitar, you get a 20 fret bass with 4 strings for a total of 84 notes and a range of 36 notes. And that’s the exact same quantity of notes that Jaco, James Jamerson, Larry Graham, Marcus Miller and many of our heroes create music with. When you buy an electric bass guitar, you buy the notes-- that’s part of the package deal. It’s not access to notes that make us better it’s access to knowledge. And that’s the difference that set Jaco, Jamerson, Larry Graham and Marcus Miller apart from many other players who play the same instrument—they have access to the knowledge.  

How many Bassology at Sea students will there be?

I’d like to keep the number to 30 or below because I want any student who wants personal access to me, whether in a group or individual, to have that.  

When can I start my two private lessons with Anthony that are included in Bassology at Sea? 

After you put down your deposit, you have a month to contact me to schedule your first lesson but I highly encourage you to schedule your first lesson right away. At the end of the first lesson, we can discuss dates for the second lesson.  

What is the cutoff date for scheduling these lessons before the cruise?

The sooner you get your lessons in, the longer you will have to work on the material before the cruise! The absolute last date for your second lesson is October 10, one month before the cruise. 

What if I don't take my pre-cruise lessons?

A better question is “why would you sell yourself short on the opportunity to be as prepared as possible for something so important to you that you’re willing to devote a week’s vacation to it??” Seriously,… that is a good question, right?

What kind of bass are you raffling?

We are raffling an Alpher Mako Prime bass donated by Pierre Ganesman, owner of Bass Freaks SPRL. It was made by Chris Alpher Dobson and it's gorgeous! Sounds great, too! It's a 34 inch scale with 21 frets, a Swamp ash body, Wenge neck, Rocklite fingerboard, Hipshot hardware, Aguilar pickups with passive electronics. 

Do I need to bring my amp?

Nope. In fact, please don't! All you need to bring is your bass, an instrument cable and a couple of other small items we will tell you about in the Welcome Letter you receive after making your deposit. 

How do I ask more questions about Bassology at Sea?

Many of your cruise questions will be answered by clicking the link to Celebrity Cruiseline's FAQ's below. 

Feel free to send email to bassologyatsea@gmail.com for questions about Bassology at Sea curriculum and cruiseline topics not answered in the FAQ's. We are happy to help!

Cruising with Celebrity Cruise Line Q&A's

 "A mentor is both teacher and instructor with the unique skill to bring the lesson home in a way that makes the student believe they can and will execute the lesson. Anthony Wellington embodies the mentorship role like no other. He has a special talent to deliver a message in a way that makes every student feel like he's talking to just them. His brilliant ability to craft even the most complex of topics in the simplest form is only surpassed by his depth of musical wisdom and his talent as a musician."  

Dr. Joseph McClendon lll PhD Best selling author Ultimate performance specialist Singer-songwriter Bassology Student 

Here's what Anthony's Bassology Students say:

"Anthony's approach to teaching is so different from other instructors, it took a few sessions to realize he is taking me on a path...a path that dissects the instrument and music in a way that allows for a solid knowledge foundation from which I can express my musical voice. "  

Steve Arnett G-ratio Basses Bassology Student

"Anthony kicks your butt but he does it with love!"  

Divinity Roxx Solo Artist Beyonce, Victor Wooten Bassology Student 


 "I once heard Anthony say that being the best at something means that you have more tools in your toolbox than other people. By that measure, Anthony is simply the best bass teacher on the planet. His mastery of the craft of playing is part of it, but more importantly Anthony has the ability to pass that information on in a way that any student can understand. He adapts to the needs of all levels of students and like all the great ones, he makes it look easy. If all that wasn't enough, Anthony is a model for how to bring a keen sense of discipline to your music while still having a lot of fun! I feel privileged to be able to study with Anthony."  

Glenn Meier Bassology Student 

"I've just had one single skype lesson yet, but that single lesson already made me a better musician for a lifetime. He's the Einstein of Bass Education."  

All the best from Germany, Frank Backes Bassology Student 


"When I decided to study the electric bass, I had already been playing and reading music for 30 years on the cello and piano. Nevertheless, I learned more about theory and musicianship from Ant in a few lessons than I had learned in the previous thirty years from other music instructors. He's really that good." 

Melanie LeGoullon Bassology Student 

"Taking music lessons from Anthony Wellington is like running a mental marathon. Thank you so much. This is the most fun I've ever had playing."

Todd Tawdry Hamby Basology Student